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Features of C language

WHERE is C Used

Let us now see how does C compare with other programming languages, All the programming languages can be divided into two categories.

I. Problem oriented languages or High level languages;

Higher level or problem oriented languages have been designed to give better programming efficiency. Examples of languages falling in this category are FORTRAN, BASIC, PASCAL.Etc.

II. Machine oriented languages or low level languages;

Machine oriented or low level languages have been designed to give a better machine efficiency, i.e faster program execution. Examples of languages falling in this category are Assembly language and machine language.

C stands in between these two categories. That’s why it is often called a middle level language, since it was designed to have both; a relatively good programming efficiency (as compared to machine oriented languages) and a relatively good machine efficiency (as compared to problem oriented languages.)

Features of C Language:

  1. Simple and easy to use – c programming language is simple because of its structured approach.
  2. Portable –  C programs can be run in many platforms/machines without changes or with change.
  3. Structured programming language – C divides the tasks into simple and design.
  4. Pointers – C supports pointers, pointers has direct access to memory.
  5. Rich functional libraries – C provides a lot of inbuilt functions that supports many features.
  6. Mid level programming language – . It is used to develop system applications such as kernel, driver etc. It also supports the feature of high level language. That is why it is known as mid-level language.
  7. Extensible –  It adopts new features quickly.
  8. Powerful –  C uses Wide verity of ‘Data Types‘, functions and loops and control statements.

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