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History of Windows Operating System

Windows Operating System:

Windows is an operating which is mile stone in the history. Microsoft windows simply it is windows, is a release from Microsoft. Windows belongs to the community of Graphical user interface community. A group of operating systems grouped together and forming Windows operating system. It is a powerful and user friendly operating system.

History of Windows:

Windows is an operating system released from Microsoft Corporation. In the year 1983, November 10 Bill Gates released the first version of Windows. It is like a replacement of MS-DOS, because dos is command based where as windows is a graphical user interface. In the year 1990 the final and full product is released by Microsoft. The first version if the windows allow the user to point and click accesses the windows. It was in the year of 1985.

In windows data organized in the form of files and folders. User may click on files and folders and access the data and also perform all primary operations like update, delete and read the data of the files. Based in part on licensed concepts of windows that Apple, Inc. used for its Macintosh System software. Windows operating allows the user to navigate across the screen of the computer and pick the desired item. This is all possible only if the interface is graphical user interface.  To select the file windows use mouse rather than using typing the commands.

Evolution of Windows:

The first version of windows were run from MS-DOS which can then took over into screen and launched an application called program manager later it was named Windows 95, though still being based on MS-DOS, was its own operating system, using a 16-bit DOS based kernel and 32-bit user space. Windows was introduced with many features which are liked by the industry and people. The features include start menu, task bar, and windows explorer or explorer.

Windows 1.0: this is the first version of windows released in the year of 1985. It was named like windows due to computing boxes. In this version user can point and click to access the windows.

Windows 2.0: this is updated version of the 1.0 with improved features. This was released in the year of 1987. This was designed for Intel 286 processor. In this version Microsoft introduced desktop icons and key board shortcuts with improved graphics.

Windows 3.0:

People are habituated to using windows 2.0 and waiting for the updates or new release from Microsoft at that time in the year 1990 Microsoft released windows 3.0 with some advanced improvement and user experiences. In this, graphics was handled with 16 colors designed for intel 386 processors.  Windows 3.0 come up with games like solitaire, hearts, and minesweeper, program manager and file manager and print options. It provides the good look and feel to the user and this is the first look of the Windows with graphics functionality support.

Windows 95:

This is the major change in the windows development history. This was released in the year of 1995. This release also comes up with numerous improvements like 32-bit application support. It was removed dos as the underlying plat form for windows that means it cross the DOS limitations like 8-character filename and 640k of main memory. The most important feature is introducing by Microsoft in this version is plug and play and automatically detect the hardware and installation. This feature made the job simple to the users. Internet explorer also introduced for their customers to browsing of internet.

Windows 98: 

It was released in June 1998, offers and supports a number of new technologies. Including file systems like FAT32 and AGP, DVD and USB. The most visible feature is Active Browser which integrates web browser with operating system.

Windows ME:

This version is released in the year of 2000. This is an update for the windows 98 and included enhanced features of windows 98.

Windows NT:

This was released in the year of 1993 NT refers to New Technology. It is 32-bit operating system that supports preemptive multitasking. Windows NT is of two versions one is Windows NT Server and Windows NT workstation. Server is used in networks and work station is a stand alone.

Windows 2000 :

This is an enhanced version from Microsoft released in the year 2000 february. It was saying as W2K. this operating system used for business desktops and laptops to run software applications connect to internet and intranet sites. It also access files and printers across the networks and as well as local hard drives.

Windows XP:

This version was released in the year of 2001 october.it was built on windows 2000 kernel giving the user a more stable and reliable environment than previous versions of windows. It was released in two versions one is for home purpose and other is professional.

Windows Vista:

This is released from Microsoft in the year of 200 november. It offers reliability, security and manageability and performance over than Windows XP. It detects the hardware problems before it troubles the user or process. It protect against the threats. It simplifies the desktop configuration management and reducing the cost of updating system.

Windows 7:

This was released in 2009 october 29. It was enhancement to multi touch support and internet explorer 8, with good performance and startup time, aero snap, supports for virtual hard disks and improved media center and security.

Windows 8:

This was released in the year of august 1, 2012. It developed for touch screen operations. It was completely redesign of windows. It was the replace of traditional windows OS. It supports both x86 PC’s and ARM processors.

Windows 10:

This version was released in the year of 2015 july 19. Microsoft announces windows 10 is taking less start up time and resume, built in security means antivirus.

Windows is an operating system, now days number of machines are running on this platform only. Mostly it was user friendly.






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