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How to change the port number of the Tomcat Server

Sometimes developers might facing server problems like “Several ports (8005, 8080, 8009) required by Tomcat v6.0 Server at localhost are already in use. The server may already be running in another process, or a system process may be using the port. To start this server you will need to stop the other process or change the port number(s).”
Tomcat Server
Tomcat Server

In this blog I am going to share how to resolve the issue in a simplest way.

Before going into the problem just learn about what is port number.

A port number is used to identify the specified process. A port number is an endpoint for the communication. In TCP/IP and UDP networks, a port is an endpoint to a logical connection and the way a client program specifies a specific server program on a computer in a network. … Some ports have numbers that are pre-assigned to them by the IANA, and these are called the “well-known ports” which are specified in RFC 1700.

By using simple steps we are going to change the Tomcat server port number and solve the issue.



In the IDE work space go to server tab and double click on it.

View Port
View Port Number on Server


Step 2:

Choose HTTP/1.1 in the port name and number box appears in the work space.

Remove the old port number and give new port number.

Change Port Number
Change Port Number

Step 3 :

Save the file and start the server.

Port Number of Tomcat
Port Number of Tomcat

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