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How to find your Smart Phone if you Lost

Hi folks, now a day’s smart phone is a part in our daily life, we can’t imagine without it. Invention of Smartphone is one of the biggest achievements in technology field because of its features and functionalities. So people are habituated to it.

We all know advantages of the smart phone.

Here I discussed about, How to recover if you lost the mobile/ Smartphone.

Google provides a feature called Android device Manager, with the help of this we can find the lost device.

Steps involved in finding the Smartphone:

  • Go to Settings in your device.
  •     Select the Security option.


Android Settings
Android Settings
  • Find the Android Device Manager and Activate
Android Device manager
Android Device manager


In few devices it was difficult to find the Android Device Manager so go to search and type “Device Administrators” it will show you the Android device Manager option in your mobile.

Note: Activating this administrator will allow the app “Google Play services” to perform the following operations.

If you activate it, we have three options

  • Erase all data ( Erase the phone’s data without warning by performing a factory data reset)
  • Change the screen– unlock password (it will changes the password of your mobile screen)
  • Lock the screen (Control how and when the screen locks)

If you lost your mobile sign in to the Google account (type in search box “device manager”) and go to device manager, if the mobile is on then you will see the location of your device.

Otherwise you could find three options Erase, Lock and Ring select any of these to find the lost device.

If select Lock option it protects the phone by security lock

If you select Ring, the phone is ringing with loud volume for 5 minutes

If you select Erase, it will delete all the personal information related to you including photos, videos, documents etc..

I Hope this article is helpful to you all. for more details get here.

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