What is Central Nervous System

Human Nervous System

CENTRAL NERVOUS SYSTEM Human central nervous system consists of 2 parts: BRAIN The brain is the primary center for regulating and co-coordinating body activities. The largest part of the brain is the cerebrum. The cerebral hemispheres are the paired halves of the cerebrum. Each hemisphere is divided into four major …

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What is Antibody

Antibody (plural-antibodies) Antibodies are the proteins which are found in the human body. They are also called immunoglobulins. Thus, they are abbreviated as Igs. Igs are gamma globulin part of blood proteins. This article helpful for competitive exams also. (UPSC,SSC,NEET…etc) ANTIBODY STRUCTURE The structure of antibody can be described as: …

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Introduction to Atomic Structure

Atomic Structure

ATOMIC Structure and ATOM Atom is the smallest particle of an element. It consists of a nucleus, which is composed of neutron and proton, whereas, electrons are found outside the nucleus. Democritus, a Greek philosopher (460-370 BC) gave an idea that matter is composed of small non-dividing particle, which he …

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