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Data Analysis

Data Analysis Flow

  What is a Data Analysis and what is the role of a Data Analyst? A data analysis is a process which summarize the data sets or raw data. Data analysis is a process of examine, cleansing, transforming, and modeling data with the goal of discovering useful information, informing conclusions, …

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Web services and It’s Characteristics

Characteristics of Web services: Loosely coupled: A web service consumer is not directly tied with web service. The web service interface can change over the period of time without clients intimation or compromising the clients ability to interact with the service. A tightly coupled system implies that the client and …

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Web services – Components

Components in Web service: Web services required three major components SOAP – Simple Object Access Protocol WSDL – Web Service Description Language UDDI – Universal Description Discovery and Integration SOAP is XML based protocol for accessing web services. It was recommended W3C (world wide web consortium) for communication between applications. …

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What is the Architecture of a web service?

Workflow in web service

Before going to learn about web service architecture, just have a look at functionality of web service. Web services are using open standards like HTML, XML, WSDL and SOAP to establish communication between different applications online. In the process of communication Tagging the data by using XML To transfer data …

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What is a Web service?

Web services

This blog is helpful for beginners and professionals providing basic to advanced level knowledge on Web services such as SOAP, RESTFUL, protocols and Java Web services JAX-RS and JAX-WS. It doesn’t require any prior knowledge on protocols or TCP/IP requests etc. What is a Web service? The basic idea behind …

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Power BI Roles and Work Flow

Power BI: Power BI is robust and ready made tool which analyze data. It is freely available which you can install in your local that let you connect to, transform, and visualize your data. Power BI is faster, simple and enterprise-grade, ready for extensive modeling and real-time analytics as well …

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Power BI (Business Intelligence)

In the competitive business world day to day new inventions are coming and applied on the Realtime business scenarios to understand the overview of the business. In the same manner software giant micro soft introduce Power BI exclusive for business analytics to the business world. In order to understand the …

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OWASP – Open Web Application Security Project

In the world of internet the common problem is security of the application, hackers are trying to inject malwares or Trojans to the web applications. Web application attacks are now most frequent happens in the internet world. Yet many organizations struggle to implement an application security program because they simply …

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Shortcut Keys – Microsoft Excel

Shortcuts with CTRL key combination Key Description CTRL+PgUp Switches between worksheet tabs, from left-to-right. CTRL+PgDn Switches between worksheet tabs, from right-to-left. CTRL+SHIFT+( Unhides any hidden rows within the selection. CTRL+SHIFT+) Unhides any hidden columns within the selection. CTRL+SHIFT+& Applies the outline border to the selected cells. CTRL+SHIFT_ Removes the outline …

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HTML Basics

First Html code

HTML is a powerful basic web site designing markup language. HTML expanded as Hyper Text Markup Language.  Tim Berners Lee is a contractor at CERN , he proposed a system for CERN. Berners Lee wrote a memo to proposing an Internet based hyper text system. He specified HTML and wrote …

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  • Oracle – Tutorial Part -1

    Know the database management concept is essential to everyone, as a fresher must have knowledge …

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  • What is Struts?

    Apache Struts 2 is an extensible, elegant framework for creating enterprise-ready Java web applications. Struts …

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